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Crest Programs

All Crest Programs meet two or three times per week in individual or very small group sessions.Each is a major commitment–struggle and hardship are a daily challenge, recovery and new hope must be equally present. Programs include several outdoor challenge portions during the year.

The four Crest Programs are designed to complement one another and create a more wide-ranging outreach program to instill hope, love and faith back into our families and our community.

The Mentoring Crest Program

The Mentoring Crest Program is a six month program designed to help participants not just learn life skills for themselves, but also start to share their renewed hope, love, and faith with other people in our community.

The Teen & Family Crest Program

Each a year-long, the Teen Crest Program and Family Crest Program go hand in hand. The Teen Program is the initial driver of the outreach and Crest Programs. The Family Program developed from the recognition that we cannot reach teens without serving families and our broader community

The Leadership Crest Program

The Leadership Crest Program is a six month program similar to the Mentoring Program, but the Leadership program is geared toward leaders in the broader community seeking renewed passion for service. The program focuses strongly on each individual leader to bring out the hope, love, and faith within their hearts.

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